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49'er Drive-In Theatre
Stop by and see Mike and the gang at the 49'er this summer. Grab a burger or a dog and of course some Valpo Velvet Gourmet Ice Cream Bars. They have totally redone the Snack Bar and it looks great! Valparaiso is sure to be Rockin' just make sure your radio is tuned to 88.5 fm.

Georgetown Drive-In Theatre 

There's no stoppin' that crazy Billy Powell at the Georgetown. One of the new features this year is a new Marquee which features a rotating '57 Chevy trimmed in neon (of course). Come and help the Georgetown celebrate over 50 years in business. The Georgetown is also home to the "PIZZA TENT." You'll know what we mean once you visit. They're just across the river from Louisville. Between their two screens, Billy & Karen will have something you'll want to see.

Lakeshore Drive-In Theatre 

Lot's of Nuts here (and I don't just mean Drive-In Radio) Make sure you try some of their "NUTTY BAVARIAN" treats while in Monticello. With Phyllis running the Snack Bar, you know you're gonna get the freshest food around. Remember to grab a world famous Lakeshore Caramel Apple.  They've been entertaining families since 1949!

Melody Drive-In Theatre 
For over 50 years the Melody has been entertaining folks around the Knox, Indiana area. Choose between two screens of entertainment. It will be just as hard to decide which flavor of Tropical Smoothie you want too! Don't forget the Melody's INFERNO WINGS" they are not for the faint  of heart.


Northfield Drive-In Theatre
We are still trying to figure out if we should put Mitchell's Drive-In in MA or NH. Since the stateline comes through the middle of the Drive-In it is hard to tell (  we're going with his mailing address of Keene, NH  ). If the Northfield looks familar, it should. Scenes from the movie CIDER HOUSE RULES were shot at the Drive-In.  Oh yeaa, the "GARDEN VEGGIE" burger is actually really good!


Hollywood Drive-In Theatre
The Hollywood began in 1952, and is truly a family tradition. Frank & Laurie are ready to roll thru this year.  From fresh cotton candy to their special Hot Dog deal to their refreshing Strawberry Frosty Freeze's they have it all at the Hollywood.  They are always up for a game of trivia and give away lots of goodies and free passes all season long.

Malta Drive-In Theatre
The Malta has been in continous operation for over fifty years.  Ed's place features "THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE." Literally....where else can you shop for furniture and watch a movie. His furniture store is right on property. If you schmooooze Ed enough....who knows? You could find yourself perched on a leather sectional watching the silver screen in style!  Remember, the Drive-In is the "ULTIMATE HOME ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM."

Vintage Drive-In Theatre



Field Of Dreams Drive-In Theatre


Mayfield Road Drive-In Theatre 
Well it's definitely a case of sibling rivalry. The Midway had Drive-In Radio last year and the Mayfield Road folks were non to happy! You know, what you do for one child, you have to....... Anyway we are proud to welcome the Mayfield Road Drive-In to "the family." PSSSSST, by the way....they say their Sloppy Dogs and Sloppy fries are even better than the Midway's.
see below

Midway Twin Drive-In Theatre
John is up and running at the Midway will be open every night. A "must try" at the Concession Stand is the Midway's world famous Sloppy Dogs and Sloppy Fries. Can you say Moist Towlette? Rumor says the Concession help have a cult following behind Webb Booth (the son of Drive-In Radio announcer Bill Booth). They are demanding more microphone time for Webb!

Van-Del Drive-In Theatre
One of our favorite Drive-In names. The Van-Del is actually a hybrid of two town names close to the Van Wert, OH area. Jim will serve you a "HUNK O' PIZZA" faster than you can say what's playing? Remember do not ask them what the Secret Seasoning is on the burgers. It is a Van-Del secret and if they tell you....well...... you know how the story goes.


Family Drive-In Theatre

Under new ownership. Paul's traditions continues - "Hit Movies & Tasty Snacks." What else is there to life? Kane, PA is the home of the Family Drive-in which is home to HAND DIPPED "DRIVE-IN" MILKSHAKES. Need we say more? Tune in to 105.3 fm, enjoy Drive-In Radio and the Family Drive-In. Don't forget to get a Pizza Log for us.

Pike Drive-In Theatre




Stardust Drive-In Theatre
Watertown is ready for another full season with Barry & Dawn's Stardust Drive-In. This is a beautiful NEW Drive-In that was built right! Come by and check out all the amenities. ESPECIALLY THE PIZZA!    Ask about their gift cards too!  And on weekends take advantage of their new concession trailer to speed your service.


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